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Diving The Exuma Cays

Bahamas live aboard scuba diving on the Sea Dragon

Diving the Exuma Cays starting only 35 miles south east of Nassau.  Easy international air connections and some of the best Bahamas diving.  Wall dives along the east side of the Exuma Island chain with the “Best of the Bahamas” 25 to 35 foot depth coral reefs in the channels between the over 365 individual small Cays and Islands.  The Exumas stretch over 90 miles from north to south.  The Exuma Cays Land And Sea Park in the northern Exuma Cays is a protected area 22 miles long and 8 miles wide containing many spectacular coral reef dive sites teaming with large populations of tropical reef fish all in a no take zone.  The Exumas are ideal for a dive expedition of 6 to 8 days of diving.  Longer dive trips (9+ days)  might include the south east coast of Eleuthera and Little Cat Island.  We have operated dive expeditions to the Exuma Cays from Nassau since 1972.  The wall dives at “Ocean Cay Wall”, Highbourn Cay and Long Cay are great starting at 50 to 70 feet.  The channel reefs between Islands at “slack” tide are the best in the Bahamas.  Drift diving through “Wax Cay Cut” and “Coral Cut” are filled with high speed excitement.  While diving the Exuma Cays are great year round, the best dates to dive the Exumas are April through June and October/November.

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