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Dogs of the Sea Dragon

In 1975 we were given a 2 year old male Australian Shepherd “Rourke’s Steel Blue Skipper”  “Blue” for short.  This was a life changing event for us as Blue had a lot to teach us about ourselves and the passions in life.  With a 16 year life span a dog will open a person to the greatest happiness and deepest sorrows, thus by the love of a dog you will expand the depth of your ability to experience all the passions life will bring your way.  Diving is a sport of passion, a view of a wondrous different world we have in our Oceans here on Earth.  “Blue” was a catalyst that allowed us to have a deeper enjoyment of our diving and a richer experience in life.  In a dogs life we see a microcosm of our lives and a preparation for the path ahead as we experience the joys and sorrows of life during the time we have here on earth.

“Blue” was with us for 16 years and began our life long passion for the “Australian Shepherd” breed of dogs.  These highly intelligent dogs have a broad range of personalities and are people oriented, they will constantly be by your side, not a good breed to leave at home with out a human companion.  

When Blue was 10 we got him a puppy companion and have had at least 2 Aussies with us on our dive trips ever since.  Over the years we have had 4 generations of Aussies with us, including 5 litters of pups, (3 litters were born onboard the “Sea Dragon”)

As you can tell we are “Dog People”.  While we understand not every person likes Dogs, be fore warned there are dogs onboard.

As I write this page I reach over and pet one of our dogs, a calming warmth snuggles up next to me.  


WARNING:  Dogs onboard.  If a dog free environment is your preference our dive expeditions may not be your best choice in a dive trip.      

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