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Diving San Salvador Island

Scuba diving Bahamas Out Islands

San Salvador Bahamas is known for it’s Wall Diving.  The Riding Rock dive resort started it all in the 1970’s as a premier dive destination and is still there today as well as Club Med Diving. Both Resorts offer year round land based diving on these great dive sites.  

The “Sea Dragon” visits here only a few times a year in June and July to explore the amazing walls at “French Bay” and dive sites along the western coast of the Island.  These wall dives start at a depth of as little as 30 feet. The wall at “French Bay” is so steep it has an overhang and is undercut with tunnels, an amazing unique place, one of the “Seven Wonders of The Bahamas Diving World”.  San Salvador Bahamas diving is known for “Hammerhead Shark” sighting's and schooling groups.  The shallow tops of the west wall (about 40 feet) make this a great place for night wall dives along the upper edge of the wall.

The “Sea Dragon” visits San Salvador Bahamas as part of our 10 days of diving expeditions departing from Great Exuma to Conception Island.  (June, July, and August), Limited visits.

Excellent dive facilities are available on Sal Sal at

Riding rock inn with Guanahani divers and 

Club Med diving

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