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Dive Expedition Overview

Liveaboard scuba diving in the Bahamas

All “Sea Dragon” dive expeditions are customized to the requirements of the dive group as requested by the group organizer.  Trip dates can begin and end on any day selected.  A typical dive trip will board on the evening before departure with earlier afternoon drop off of luggage before a first evening meal out at a local restaurant.  A boarding orientation about ships systems and dive deck setup followed by a restful evening completes the first night onboard.  Breakfast and a morning departure from port starts the first full day of diving.  The “Dive Safety” lecture and dive deck procedures will be given upon arrival at the first dive site.  A normal dive day consists of two morning dives and two afternoon dives plus on most nights a night dive option.  Various combinations of dive sites are offered over the dive days on a trip. Sometimes two morning wall dives and shallower reefs in the afternoon, or possibly a wall dive followed by a shallower reef before lunch and a wall or mid depth reef dive after lunch and later shallow reef.  Night dives are usually between 8 and 11 PM, but can be arraigned for any time in the evening, before or after the evening meal.  On the last day of diving we usually finish the day after the third dive before returning to port.  This leaves time for surface interval for those flying home the next day and also time to rinse and dry dive gear for packing.  Meals are served the last night and breakfast on the day of disembarkation.  During the dive week there are morning (7 AM) and evening shore trips by motor launch (disguised as dog walks), plus maybe a mid day shore trip at special locations.  Dive sites and special requests can be accommodated on a custom basis for your group.  

A note about charter rates; on the “Dive Charter Rates” page Calculate the Charter price based on the number of full diving days only. Do not count the day of boarding or the day of disembarkation in the total number of diving days when determining the charter price.  Many dive trip retailers sell their dive trips counting the travel and boarding days into the advertised trip length.  Some dive liveaboard's count half days (noon boarding's) as full days in their pricing.  We only calculate the charter price on the full diving days.  Keep this in mind when comparing prices between the various dive trip offerings. 

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