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Dive Charter Rates

Sea Dragon live aboard scuba diving charter rates

New Simple Pricing Calculation for quick cost per person - Double Cabin.


Nassau Boarding - $275 per person per diving day -  double occupancy cabin.

Great Exuma Boarding - $300 per person per diving day. - dbl occupancy.


Nassau Boarding - October / November specials - $250 pp-dbl per diving day. 

Add 10% Bahamas VAT tax to Dive trip rate.

full vessel charter - 7 paid guests get 8th guest free (group charter).


—–-Our Charter rates are based on days of diving–––


Example: Saturday arrival with the following Friday disembarkation is 5 days of diving, referred to as a “week” or “7 day” Dive Trip” by some Dive charter live-aboard's and retail advertising -  compare the actual full days of diving for a correct rate comparison.


Our Dive trips can be scheduled to begin and end on any day of the week to conform with your desired dates.  We do not charge for the day of arrival or the day of disembarkation.  Calculate price only on full days of diving.  

The Charter Rate posted is for a full group "Charter" (Four double cabins). Additional discounts may be available at certain months during the year or from certain ports of departure. Contact our office for details. Individuals wishing to join a scheduled dive trip are encouraged to contact our office for a referral to the appropriate group.


                             - full vessel charter - 7 paid guests get the 8th space free.

We offer per person bookings (two guests per cabin) at a daily rate (diving days only are counted - not boarding port days).

PER PERSON RATE -- for non private charter diving trips


From Great Exuma --------- ----- $300 per Diving Day. 

From Nassau ---------------- ---- $275 Per Diving Day.                ADD 10% Bahamas tax to the Per Person Total

From Nassau Low Season ------- $250 Per Diving Day

The differences in pricing from different Ports of departure reflect direct costs in consumables from those ports and dates.

These rates include all meals, diving facilities - tanks, air fills, weight/belts; fuel, docking charges and all other items for a trip EXCEPT: air fare to the Bahamas, taxi to/from the airport/marina, *crew gratuity*, diving/chamber insurance (we highly recommend DAN), trip insurance, equipment rentals, certification or specialty courses, hotel stays/day rooms, and the meal on the first night.


Drop off your gear during the day. Boarding intro lecture at 8 PM; disembark in the morning at end of trip.

Individuals wishing to join one of the scheduled trips should contact our office by e-mail or phone for a referral to the group that has chartered the "Sea Dragon". Individuals contact the group organizer directly for availability and cost per person.  Often club dive trips and private charters have a lower than “retail” per person rate: individual per person rates are set by the charter group organizers.


*Gratuities*: A Crew Gratuity is voluntary and should reflect your satisfaction with the trip. A 10% - 15% gratuity is regarded as very generous.  Your crew receives a minimal subsistence salary and works hard to earn your appreciation.



DO NOT count the day of boarding or the day of departing from the “SEA DRAGON” in the day rate.

We offer a few “Captain’s Special” trips each year for direct individual bookings.  Some of the charter groups also will have open cabins available on a space available basis.  We can refer divers to a charter group on a specific charter group date: see schedule page.

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