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Contact Information

Sea Dragon Bahamas live abroad scuba diving

Office:   Out-Island Oceanics, Inc.

               R/V Sea Dragon

               715 Coconut Drive

               Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315


               Phone: 954-522-0161         

               Cellular at Sea only 242-359-2058







When contacting the “Sea Dragon” Please call the Office phone number first: 954-522-0161.  

You will be answered by either one of our staff or one of two different messages.  

The first possible message will tell you we are in port at Fort Lauderdale and just out of the office, in which case we will be able to return your call as soon as we return to the office.  

The second possible message will state that we are out at Sea on Charter and will request you leave a message.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR MESSAGE as this is often the only way we can answer your request.  The messages received on this service are both “digitally recorded” and converted to text.  We receive a text message via E-mail and an attached “audio” file while at Sea.  Directly calling the “Sea Dragon’s” cell phone number (242-359-2058) may work also, but we could be out of range of the cell towers or possibly away from the phone onboard.

We do want to here from you and hope to have you join us on a diving expedition soon.

Captain Dan Doyle, Captain Sue Ford, and Captain Linda Fox.

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